Early Stage Researchers

- Andreas Wenz, NTNU. andreas.wenz@itk.ntnu.no Title of project: “Fault tolerant control and automatic de-icing for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)” Supervisor: Tor Arne Johansen

- Jonatan Olofsson, NTNU. jonatan.olofsson@itk.ntnu.no Title of project: “Multi-UAS iceberg detection, tracking and motion prediction” Supervisor: Thor Inge Fossen

- Christopher Dahlin Rodin, Maritime Robotics AS. christopher@maritimerobotics.com Title of project: “Intelligent data acquisition in maritime UAS” Supervisors: Vegard Hovstein and Tor Arne Johansen

- Anthony Hovenburg, Maritime Robotics AS. anthony@maritimerobotics.com Title of project: “Performance Optimization of Hybrid-electric UAVs operating in Marine Environments” Supervisor: Rune Storvold

- Leopoldo Rodriguez Salazar, USE. lrodriguez15@us.es Title of project: “Multi-UAS planning and trajectory generation for safe long duration missions” Supervisor: José Antonio Cobano

- Fotios Balampanis, USE. fbalampanis@us.es Title of project: “Distributed approaches for coverage and tracking missions with multiple heterogeneous UAVs for coastal areas” Supervisor: Iván Maza

- Du Ho Duc, LIU. du.ho.duc@liu.se Title of project: “Model-Based diagnosis for UAVs” Supervisor: Martin Enqvist

- Praveen Jain, UPORTO. praveenjain@fe.up.pt Title of project: “Cooperative Control of UAS for distributed monitoring with logic-based communication” Supervisors: Antonio Pedro Aguiar and João Borges de Sousa

- Juan Braga, UPORTO. juanbe@fe.up.pt Title of project: “Coordinated control for UAS integration in maritime operations” Supervisors: Antonio Pedro Aguiar and João Borges de Sousa

- Bahareh Sabetghadam, IST. bsabetghadam@isr.tecnico.ulisboa.pt Title of project: “Cooperative motion planning and adaptive ocean sampling strategies: Cooperation between air and marine vehivles” Supervisor: Rodrigo Ventura

- Nguyen Tuan Hung, IST. hungnguyen@isr.ist.utl.pt Title of project: “Cooperative compliant ASV/AUV formation control for coastal area surveys under stringent communication contrains: Cooperation with UAS” Supervisor: Antonio Pascoal

- Alojz Gomola, Honeywell. alojz.gomola@honeywell.com. Title of project: “Detect & Avoid (D&A) for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems” Supervisors: Antonio Pedro Aguiar, Pavel Klang and João Sousa

- Margarida Costa Faria, FADA-CATEC, margaridacostafaria@gmail.com, Title of project: “Advanced navigation for inspection of offshore infrastructures using UAS”. Supervisors: Antidio Viguria Jiménez

- Fabio Andrade, NORUT, fabio@ieee.org, Title of project: Sensor-based formation flights with discontinuous sensor data applied to ice monitoring. Supervisors: Rune Storvold and Tor Arne Johansen.

- Mads Bornebusch, NTNU, mads.bornebusch@ntnu.no, Title of project: Ship-based recovery of fixed-wing UAVs. Supervisor: Tor Arne Johansen.

- Matheus Ferreira Dos Reis, UPORTO, matheusreis@fe.up.pt, Title of project: Cooperative motion control between Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and marine robotic vehicles for plume tracing. Supervisor: Antonio Pedro Aguiar and João Borges de Sousa.

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